[FFmpeg-user] Need Help!! WEBVTT & DVBSUB encoding options/metadata

Eleftherios Antoniades elantoniades at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 15:10:17 EEST 2018

Carl hi,

Sorry for the delayed answer, but i was out of office lately..

I have my comments under yours! pls check, cause i did not have any
better outcome..Any idea would be great..!

>* Thank you for your reply! Actually i made this question several times last
*>* month (subject: NEED HELP PLEASE!! Soft subtitles DVB subtitles stream,
*>* 1080p size problem on direct convert a MPEG-TS video), before someone
*>* answered me, and i really appreciate this!!
Shouting is usually a good idea if you want to make sure that nobody answers.

(Ha, it was my 4th attempt..)

>* I have a MPEG-TS video file  with one video and one audio stream and i am
*>* trying to create a direct video convert with soft subs, by adding a
*>* DVBSUB stream inside
*>* it. My original subs filewas a stl file with greek subs.
*>>* After many workarounds i finally managed to add the DVBSUB stream, after
*>* converting the stl file into a sub file with idx. I used the idx, so i get
*>* the palette information correct.
Just curious: How do create the idx files?
(I used 'Subtitle Edit v.3.5.6' & 'AVIAddXSubs" to convert the stl
file to sup. That created an .idx also, that i used for the color
palette of the dvbsub encoding)

>* So the command i used is like this (see bellow for complete console output):
*>>* ffmpeg -i testvideo.ts -i subtitles.idx -map 0:v -map 0:a  -map 1 -c:v copy
*>* -c:a copy -c:s:0 dvbsub -metadata:s:s:0 language=ell -streamid 2:151
*>* output.ts
*>>* The video and subtitles size is 1920x1080, but the output.ts file comes out
*>* with wrong subtitles size.
Yes, this is ticket #7117.
(So, in that ticket the input file is an mp4 video. Not a TS video..I
just try to add the DVB stream into the TS with a specific streamid.)

>* It looks like the dvbsub codec converts the
*>* dvbsubs stream in 720x576 size by default, rather 1920x1080??
No, the subtitles use the input resolution of hd1080 but this size
is not stored in the subtitle stream and the default size is pal
(that gets stretched to match the video size).
(So the default size of the dvb stream is 720x576? Can this be forced
changed somehow?)

>* Is there a way to force the subs into the correct size?
I suspect it should work if you produce smaller subtitles (pal).
(When i reduce the size of the subtitles the size is correct but the
resolution is wrong. They are not HD subs, they are SD abd you can see
that the subs outline is not 'fine'...)

Carl is there a way to add subtitles as teletext on a TS input video,
to create a TS output video with Teletext and page number?

Thank you in advance!!


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