[FFmpeg-user] MXF XAVC UHD video stream modified while using the -copy option

Ronan Ricou r.ricou at b-architech.com
Thu Feb 8 10:15:01 EET 2018


Regarding the size difference, I already detailed it on my previous message: 
"I even tried to do a full remux, with the command ffmpeg -i INPUT_FILE -c copy -map 0 OUTPUT_FILE, and the files size aren't the same at all, there is a 165MB difference on the 16GB file I used (duration: 4m30s). The source one is 17 245 128 240 Byte and the remuxed on is 17 072 370 871 Byte"

Anyway, on the two MXF analyzer tools I used, IRT MXF Analyzer  and Metaglue MXFixer, the MXF created by FFMpeg contains many warnings and a critical error:
ERROR : Partition ClosedCompleteHeader at 0x00000000 is a flagged as "complete" however MPEG2VideoDescriptor/VideoLineMap at 000015d4 is set to its distinguished value.

As it was getting nowhere, I decided to use bmx MXF tools instead, and demuxed then rewrap the mxf file with mxf2rax and raw2bmx, and my MXF file doesn't have any error anymore. On the top of that, it can be opened in all NLE I tested, including BMD Resolve.
There is still a size difference between the original file and the remuxed one, but everything seems in place. If I ever find out where this size difference comes from and why, I will let you know.

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2018-02-07 14:06 GMT+01:00 Ronan Ricou <mailto:r.ricou at b-architech.com>:
> The video itself seems fine (same duration, frame accurate), it's just 
> that I don't know where the size difference come from and what 
> information are lost.

Which size difference?

> I tried to open the file created by FFMPEG to BlackMagic Design 
> Resolve software, and it won't.


Feel free to do the same test as in the other current mxf thread.

Carl Eugen
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