[FFmpeg-user] Create a video with a sequence of drawtext filters with different effects

Gianluca F. ferrantelli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 17:03:20 EET 2018

Hi all,
I'm figure out how to add as many text as I want to a video ( an existing
video OR a video built from an image or a list of images ); my problem is
that I cannot simply concatenate drawtext filter, because I need, for each
text, to add some kind of filter  ( scrolling from left to right, right to
left, top to bottom, fade, etc ... ) and I need to work with the timing of
each drawtext as it would start from t=0.
What i suppose to do, is to create a sort of transparent initial canvas ,
split that  and , for each of splitted canvas, adding text with drawtext
and effect. Finally, I could concatenate all the effects with the video
input to get the final video with all texts messages.
Do you think is a good approach to my problem? can you help me to create
the ffmpeg command?

Thanks in advance!


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