[FFmpeg-user] Is there an input or output file-size limit that FFmpeg can handle ?

Shyam Sundar sw.craftsman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 08:17:30 EET 2018


I am planning to use FFmpeg for rendering a set of very large videos, input
video size could be from 5 gb up to 50 gb (in a rare case it can go upto
100 gb). Input video could be of any type, output would mostly be mp4 or

Capabilities wise I was wondering is there any known file-size limit that
FFmpeg can safely handle and beyond that it is likely fail ? Does it very
between different formats ? I don't have any space constraint so I do not
want to put any limit from my side as long as FFMpeg is able to handle it.

Can you please share if you have any data on it OR the size of the largest
video you have ever tried with FFmpeg ?

Thanks in advance,

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