[FFmpeg-user] AMD screen record + h/w vaapi encode to mkv fails.

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 00:33:12 EET 2018

Andy Furniss wrote:
> Haven't had time to bisect, but I can't screengrab to mkv any more.
> kmsgrab + playing with vsync etc. give the same error as this example, 
> mp4 works OK.

Bisected to -

commit ae7df68edd79bce5c318810c6b307ee4e81cd2a6
Author: James Almer <jamrial at gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Nov 24 19:42:50 2017 -0300

     avformat/avc: return an error in ff_isom_write_avcc if the buffer 
lenght is too small

     Signed-off-by: James Almer <jamrial at gmail.com>

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