[FFmpeg-user] Audio not playing in Quicktime Player

Gabriel Zachmann zach at cs.uni-bremen.de
Thu Jan 4 11:58:33 EET 2018

Thanks to all, I consider the issue solved.

The solution is: I either have to 
- use the MOV container, in which case I can copy the mp3 stream to the output; or,
- use the MP4 container, in which case I have to convert audio to AAC.

Best regards, Gabriel

> On 3. Jan 2018, at 18:52, Gyan Doshi <gyandoshi at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/3/2018 10:49 PM, Erik Dobberkau wrote:
>> Regardless whether it is or not, there is some spec in QuickTime Player
>> which requires .mp4 containers to have h.264 (and obviously now also h.265)
>> video, and aac audio. OTOH I can't remember where I got this from, it's
>> quite some years back...
> As per the ref below, audio in MP4 can only be AAC.
> https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/MusicAudio/Conceptual/CoreAudioOverview/SupportedAudioFormatsMacOSX/SupportedAudioFormatsMacOSX.html
> Regards,
> Gyan
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