[FFmpeg-user] image2 examples missing `-f image2`, can that be right?

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 02:40:56 EET 2018

2018-01-08 1:33 GMT+01:00 Jim DeLaHunt <from.ffmpeg-user at jdlh.com>:
> On 2018-01-07 16:24, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>> 2018-01-08 1:12 GMT+01:00 Jim DeLaHunt <from.ffmpeg-user at jdlh.com>:
>>> On 2018-01-07 15:20, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>>>> ...[snip]...
>>>> I hope this helps, I will close your ticket
>>>> (and try to explain there).
>> Sorry, this was apparently misleading: I am happy to try to explain
>> the misunderstandings about formats and FFmpeg usage here, the
>> bug tracker is not the right place to do this.
> Is the bug tracker the right place to track a deficiency in project source
> file doc/demuxers.txi, lines 329:462, while an improvement is worked on?

You were unable to convince me that an improvement is possible and
makes sense (would actually improve the documentation as opposed
to just make it longer).

You have now two possibilities:
Either send a patch (made with "git format-patch") that contains your
suggested improvements to the documentation to the development
mailing list or we continue here to discuss that 1) the image2 demuxer
does not support nearly all formats supported by FFmpeg but we
cannot mention them all, 2) it is not true that "'%d' usually implies
image2" (it never does, contrary to what was claimed in this thread)
and 3) you request an additional example but you failed to provide a
usecase that needs it (I know that an infinite number exists but since
you provided only a use-case for not using the image2 demuxer it
appears to me that an additional example - that by definition makes
the documentation longer and therefore less readable - would not
have helped you.

Carl Eugen

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