[FFmpeg-user] stream hls from ffmpeg via media-server to TV

Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at web.de
Thu Jan 11 15:44:11 EET 2018


I use the xupnpd2 media-server (http://xupnpd.org/xupnpd2_en.html) on my 
router to transport hls-streams from the internet to my Panasonic-TV.

I try to stream some webcams from http://www.skylinewebcams.com/. 
xupnpd2 doesn't support https, so my idea is to receive the hls-stream 
in ffmpeg.

ffmpeg command:
ffmpeg -i 
https://hddn01.skylinewebcams.com/live.m3u8?a=<variable-string> -c copy 
-f mpeg -listen 1 http://<private-ip>:1234

<variable-string> is in the website, e.g. 

and the xupnpd2-playlist:
#EXTINF:-1 handler=http type=mpeg, webcam-name

The stream is displayed on PC (vlc-player) without problems, but the TV 
doesn't display it.

On http://xupnpd.org/download.html is a public-beta for xupnpd2. Maybe 
someone could help me to find the correct ffmpeg command or 
xupnpd2-settings (the russian author doesn't reply my e-mail).

Best regards,

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