[FFmpeg-user] Bitrate range when streaming to udp

Beltran Cambronero beltran.cambronero at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 12:34:30 EET 2018

> Stop top-posting here!
> Carl Eugen

Hi Carl,
I understand you are very strict about the top-posting issue and I'm not
going to discuss that: "your e-mail list, your rules"

What I would like to ask is for you to be a little bit more constructive
when you reprimand people for doing it (I was one of them :)

- To be frank, this was the first time anybody asked me not to top-post as
a participation rule... but again: "your e-mail list, your rules"
- A lot of e-mail clients just hide the previous content so when you reply
you don't may even notice or realize that you are top-posting
- A lot of non-english speaking (like me) have no idea what top-posting
is... in my case, when you asked me not to top-post, on a different thread,
I had to goggle it and learn about it.

In summary, if you are so strict about this subject, instead of just saying
"stop top-posting here!" you may also include a link (like the one below)
for people to learn about it


(NOTE: this message was bottom-posted :)

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