[FFmpeg-user] H.264 with pcm_mulaw audio live RTSP streaming

George Andguladze gandguladze at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 12:00:40 EET 2018

Greetings to all,

I have a RTSP stream coming Hikvision DS-7608NI-ST NVR connected to several Hikvision cameras with H.264 for video encoding and pcm_mulaw raw audio. My goal is to transcode this stream into Theora/Vorbis with OGG container for live viewing in browsers, however I am unable to correctly encode the raw audio using Vorbis codec due to the limited info I have about pcm_mulaw format.
FFprobe tells me the following about my stream:  https://pastebin.com/15fkGeKG
Transcoding with:

"ffmpeg -i rtsp://admin:XXXXXX@213.131.XX.XXX:554/Streaming/channels/101 -codec:v libtheora -qscale:v 7 -codec:a libvorbis -qscale:a 5  1.ogg"

outputs a video file where I can hear sound once every few seconds and the duration of the video is wrongly identified by VLC.  Sample: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnj7mb4b5ml5rzh/1.ogg?dl=0
I get the same result in browsers when I try to live stream this same RTSP source using VLC as a HTTP transport (encoding to Theora/Vorbis).

How can I calculate the appropriate audio bitrate and sample rate from this raw audio format to correctly stream the audio track as well?

Kind regards
George A.

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