[FFmpeg-user] Reencoding video from image sequence doesn't work (sometimes)

DopeLabs dopelabs at dubstep.fm
Fri Jan 19 15:47:45 EET 2018

once you have your image sequence, encoding them into a movie should be pretty straight forward. i have done lots of work using image sequences as source material for audio visual loops, etc...

the following is assuming your image files are named in an ascending sequence and there are no missing or skipped numbers, are jpg's, and is 30 fps

$ ffmpeg -pattern_type glob -r 30 -i '*.jpg' -c:v h264 -preset ultrafast -pix_fmt yuv420p -movflags +faststart output.mp4

> On Jan 18, 2018, at 1:43 51PM, serialhex at gmail.com wrote:
> DopeLabs wrote
>> just with a quick glance.. -c copy means stream copy.. as in not to
>> re-encode.. you should use -c copy OR -vcodec h264(-c:v h264), not
>> both...i bet ffmpeg can do whatever upconvert that utility is doing
>> without the need to go with a sequence first.
> True, but I'm trying to get a specific codec (h264) so that it will decode
> on my Raspberry Pi properly, and I want to keep everything else the same,
> that's why the -c copy.
> The reason I need to do the image sequence is because the image upconverter
> *isn't* in ffmpeg, and can't do what it does.  I'm not just making the video
> bigger in size, I'm increasing the quality, and making it better than it
> was.  There are some good example images on the main projects website here:
> https://github.com/nagadomi/waifu2x It uses a Deep NN to render the images,
> and it takes a bit to render a few hundred images, even using a GPU.
> Either way, video -> image sequence -> video doesn't work, without doing any
> kind of conversion in between.  That is my problem.
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