[FFmpeg-user] Compressed audio streams (DTS, Dolby) decoding

Frédéric fma at gbiloba.org
Sat Jan 20 17:18:17 EET 2018

Le samedi 20 janvier 2018, Carl a écrit :

> We can't assure that the issue you see with Kodi is because
> of an issue within FFmpeg or within Kodi (or in your receiver)
> because you don't tell us...

I can't tell, as I don't know how things work between Kodi and ffmpeg; I
asked on Kodi forum... When I get params used by Kodi for ffmpeg, it will
be easier to reproduce with ffmpeg alone.

What can I first do, is read a multi-channels pink noise with Kodi, and
measure the SPL level for each speaker, and see if they are all the same
(they are when I use the pink noise generator of the AV receiver). If
there is a difference, it means this is not a compressed stream decoding


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