[FFmpeg-user] Compressed audio streams (DTS, Dolby) decoding

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 18:00:02 EET 2018

Frédéric wrote:

> Are there different ways to decode a Dolby stream? Is it possible 
> that ffmpeg chose a different approach than amplifiers (audio chips)
> do?

Yes, but it's probably not the cause of rear too loud.
If it's ac3 then the parameter -drc_scale will change whether dynamic
range control metadata is used. Default for ffmpeg = 1 = fully applied IIRC.

> Are there some parameters Kodi can give to ffmpeg so the decoding
> changes?

As above, Kodi  may set different, though I wouldn't really expect it to
cause channel level difference between front and rear.

Have you tried a channel id type check to make sure nothing is getting
mixed up?

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