[FFmpeg-user] Compressed audio streams (DTS, Dolby) decoding

Frédéric fma at gbiloba.org
Sun Jan 21 09:31:03 EET 2018

Le samedi 20 janvier 2018, Moritz a écrit :

> This is apparently the source code of the ffmpeg version they are
> building (and you are using):
> http://codecell.org/codecell/LibreELEC.tv/tree/501d64503f5b31cc5b0a6f30d689b34b195a7729
> which is basically based on this ffmpeg commit:
> https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/tree/9702d0d42684b289a74048131ab39f1afd38afd2
> They seem to provide some patches, but only one of them is not old,
> http://codecell.org/codecell/LibreELEC.tv/tree/501d64503f5b31cc5b0a6f30d689b34b195a7729/packages/multimedia/ffmpeg
> While I see their make scripts, I don't see how they got their version
> "8.2.1-21" into it. So we may not be seeing all, or I didn't look hard
> enough.
> I get the impression they didn't change anything else though, but
> that's just an assumption. If so, they are using ffmpeg's AC-3
> unmodified. Just for the record. This won't (yet) help to understand
> whether Kodi does something special, or even how its kodi.bin is built.


I will look at kodi code to see how they use ffmpeg lib.


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