[FFmpeg-user] Questions about the concat video filter

Katherine Frances knfrances at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 16:23:28 EET 2018

Hi Carl Eugen,

It tries hard...

Haha, alright then.

As for default output specs - okay, now I see that I was over-thinking that
a bit, and wrongly assuming that there was something specific to the concat
filter happening there. One of my input files was an H.264/MP4 that
happened to have specs very close to the default libx264 encoding settings,
so that's probably what put the idea in my head and confused matters. My
bad! I'm up to date now, strike that question.
But as for the pix_fmt - for the test files I've created, ffmpeg selects
the lesser-quality chroma subsampling scheme for the output. Can I assume
this as a general rule of thumb?

Cheers, K

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