[FFmpeg-user] stream to LAN without destination receiver

ieleja listes ielejalistes at ieleja.lv
Sat Jan 27 04:53:29 EET 2018


there is USB camera, connected to Linux server ( I need 
online video from this camera and sometimes analyze video from this 
server or other workstation in LAN

for now I use this command:

ffmpeg -s 720x576 -f video4linux2 -standard pal -i /dev/video1 -vf yadif 
-f mpeg1video \
-b:v 800k \
-c copy -f mpegts -b:v 800k -vcodec mpeg1video udp://

first stream goes to same server node.js stream server, which makes 
HTML5 video using websockets:
this works stable and is with little load on server

second stream is multicast, which can be received by any workstation in 
LAN by image analyzing and recognition program, written with OpenCV library

this also works, but multicast stream screws up all networking in LAN, 
wi-fi slows 10-20 times

therefore I need other solution for second stream. there is ffserver, 
but it makes significant delays

may be there is some method to stream without receiver? just if someone 
need to get this stream, he goes to some address and receives

nice solution was to get stream from my HTML5 page, but I can not teach 
my OpenCV to this


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