[FFmpeg-user] when concatenating video segments ffmpeg shows error: "Media type mismatch between the parsed_overlay_20"

Igor Cabrera igorcb123 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 00:07:15 EET 2018

I'm trying to apply a scaling and chromakey effect to different segments of
a video and then combine those segments again into one.

To improve the time and performance I have developed a program that creates
all the filters in a single command.

The plan is simple, I have a video * .mov recorded with a green screen and a
background * .jpg,

1.     I first prepare a couple of backgrounds with blur effect from the JPG

2.     I then apply chromakey to make the green part of the video

3.     I trim the video to which I applied the chromakey in several time
segments and to each segment I applied a scale and crop and I overlay it to
one of the backgrounds prepared in step 1

4.     Concatenate all segments already processed.

When I execute the resulting command it gives me the error

the command is this:

ffmpeg -i "C:\ffmpeg\pruebas\FFBlue_ProjectsFiles\chroma\green1.mov" -i
C:\ffmpeg\pruebas\FFBlue_ProjectsFiles\fondos\sc.jpg -filter_complex "
boxblur=7:2[fondo_3IZQ] ;
:2[fondo_4CEN] ;
boxblur=5:2[fondo_5IZQ]  ; [0]chromakey=color=#83BD46:similarity = 0.1 :
blend = 0.05,selectivecolor=reds=0 0 0 -1:yellows=0 0.1 0 -0.5:greens=0 0 -1
0:whites=0 0 0 -0.7 [vid]  ;  [vid]
:y=(ih-oh)/3:x=((iw-ow)/2)+(ow/2-ow/3)[vid_0] ;
[fondo_4CEN][vid_0]overlay[toma_0] ; [vid]
h=ih/3:y=(ih-oh)/3:x=(in_w-out_w)/2[vid_1] ;
[fondo_3IZQ][vid_1]overlay[toma_1] ; [vid]
-1,crop=w=iw/5:h=ih/5:y=(ih-oh)/3:x=(in_w-out_w)/2[vid_2] ;
[fondo_5IZQ][vid_2]overlay[toma_2]  ; [toma_0] [toma_1] [toma_2]
concat=n=3:v=1:a=1:unsafe=1 [v_concatenado][a_concatenado]" -map
[v_concatenado]  -map [a_concatenado]

when I execute it ffmpeg says:

[Parsed_overlay_20 @ 0000000000404100] Media type mismatch between the

verlay_20' filter output pad 0 (video) and the 'Parsed_concat_26' filter
input p

ad 1 (audio)

[AVFilterGraph @ 0000000003527a00] Cannot create the link overlay:0 ->

Error initializing complex filters.

Invalid argument


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