[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg doing slow encoding

Sai Krishna Kothapalli saifriends14 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 11:42:19 EET 2018

Hello all,

    My set up includes a input live RTMP stream, and apply a custom video
filter and output  RTMP stream which is converted to HLS and served to
clients. Now my issue is that FFmpeg is taking a lot of time to do this
process (like it is encoding at 0.3 - 0.4X speed). If I give a mp4 file as
input and output a mp4 file for testing purposes it is taking  nearly 1:30
sec for a 25 sec 4K video clip. The problem is caused when by the time the
client finished watching that 25 sec .ts file and by that time the next .ts
file is produced the video player just buffers. The video player buffers
for 1:05 sec to play the next chunk and this continues. How should I
overcome this problem? i am using 8 core aws server for now. Should I use a
GPU instance and compile FFmpeg with GPU compatibility or can I solve this
issue by using more number of CPUs. I want it to encode at 1x times so that
it doesn't buffer on the client video player.

Thank you.
K. Mohan Sai Krishna
Roll No: 130101039
Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Guwahati

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