[FFmpeg-user] Zoompan filter, frame counts seem to start from 2 and 1, not 0 -- expected behaviour?

Gyan Doshi gyandoshi at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 11:22:55 EEST 2018

On 02-06-2018 01:33 PM, Jim DeLaHunt wrote:

> 1234001.000000
>      Last message repeated 1 times
> 2718003.000000
> 3142002.000000
> 1234002.000000
>      Last message repeated 1 times

This isn't related to the zoompan filter. If you ask ffmpeg to not 
compress the log messages by setting the repeat flag `-v +repeat`, 
you'll see that the crop filter processes the first frame twice.

I suspect that this is related to the commit,

ffmpeg: init filtergraphs only after we have a frame on each input

viewed at 

I'll try to bisect later and test. Feel free to raise a ticket.


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