[FFmpeg-user] Crash on DAR/SAR source change while HW transcoding

Mitja Pirih mitja at alternet.si
Tue Jun 5 19:29:52 EEST 2018

On 05. 06. 2018 16:15, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2018-06-05 10:55 GMT+02:00, Mitja Pirih <mitja at alternet.si>:
>> I am transcoding a live channel from live source. Everything
>> works as expected until SAR/DAR changes then ffmpeg
>> crashes out.
> If you experience a crash with FFmpeg, please provide
> backtrace, disassembly and register dump.

Carl Eugene, sorry I should have expressed myself better. ffmpeg
stopped, there was no kernel crash.

It should be reproducible, because it happens on a couple of channels
when there is a change from [SAR 64:45 DAR 16:9] to [SAR 16:15 DAR 4:3]
and back. I tested without HW acceleration (decoding + encoding) and it
worked without stopping on a change. I presume the problem will gone
away when I drop HW decoding like Dennis suggested. I will report back.
Thou I am still interested in a solution as dropping HW decoding will
induce a high penalty on CPU.



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