[FFmpeg-user] How to make ffmpeg aware of streams coming and make it run as daemon

Robert Clove cloverobert at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 09:52:07 EEST 2018


My setup is like this:

It contains components:
Web Cam: which send out the RTP packets when i get a stream request
Agent server: Which receives the stream from the Webcam and forwards the
same to ffmpeg server.
ffmpeg server: this where i need to run the ffmpeg as window service,
receives the rtp stream sent by agent server and create a ts file.

What have i done is:

I have setup the ffmpeg in one of my dev environment using this link:


My problems:

How to make ffmpeg run as daemon.?
How can i make ffmpeg aware that new stream is coming from agent server and
start creating a ts file.?
Is there a way in ffmpeg that i reserve ports for ffmpeg and make it listen
to all the ports for eg : reserve 2000 - 3000 ports and listen to them as
soon as rtp stream arrives, convert to ts stream.


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