[FFmpeg-user] Size of the file getting changed after mirror effect in video using ffmpeg

mahek delawala m.delawala95 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 19:20:45 EEST 2018

Hello Everyone,

I am using the below ffmpeg command to obtain the mirror effect in video
track. I did experiment on number of files but the size of the output file
after mirror effect in original file is getting changed. The size of new
output file is smaller compared to original file. What should I do so that
the size of the output file (with mirror effect) is same as the original
file. Please help me in solving the issue.

I am using below ffmpeg command for getting  mirror effect in recorded
video track.
*ffmpeg -i track1.mp4 -map 0:0 -vf "hflip" flipped_track1.mp4*

Size of track1.mp4 : 307 MB
Size of flipped_track1.mp4 : 61 MB

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