[FFmpeg-user] Change the fps of mp4 file during streaming without restarting video

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Mon Jun 11 23:19:22 EEST 2018

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 19:33:43 +0530, mahek delawala wrote:
> I am able to see that fps gets changed in the second terminal but I am not
> able to see the video in vlc in any of the above command ( vlc just plays
> the audio stream, video stream is not present).

I have no idea about RTSP and its format, and it seems it's not
something I can test. The best you can do it t hope for someone else's
help. What you need to do, is to provide the complete, uncut console
output to each of these commands. Their output may give some indication
as what might be happening.

> 1. What can I do so that I am able to see the video track in vlc ?

Have you tried some other player? (That's quite a long shot, as VLC
should be capable of ... a lot.)

> 2. When I am entering the second command it starts from 00:00:00 time, so
> how can I check the exact instance of time at which change in fps has
> resulted in video ? (for example if I am having 10 min video and I have
> entered first command, it starts streaming now after 5 minutes I am
> applying second command in another terminal it also starts with 00:00:00
> time now. Actually, FPS Changes effect must come from the 5 mintues(the
> time at which i executed fps chagne command) only, Video plying must not be
> start from the beginning.)

I have no idea what you are trying to say, sorry.

Can you explain to me how both your commands can simulaneously send to
the identical RTSP URL? (As I mentioned, I have no idea about RTSP.)


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