[FFmpeg-user] Audio CODEC question -CVSD

Kevin Greene Kevin.Greene at oceanos.org
Wed Jun 13 02:29:08 EEST 2018

Hello Mailing list.

First I am a new user and I hope my question is on topic.

I am trying to find a way to convert to and from 16/32 kbps audio CVSD 
to G711 (or any other modern CODEC standard). The CVSD CODEC was primary 
used in dedicated narrow bandwidth switched telephony applications. It 
was generally converted to G711 when the call was sent off-net.

In reviewing various CODEC information on Wikipedia:


CVSD as a technology must have been dropped a long time ago. I was able 
to find some hardware based technology to accomplish the trans-coding 
but I have not checked to see if the technology is even still made.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or comments?

Thank you.


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