[FFmpeg-user] Transcoding live MPEG-TS stream with non-monotonous DTS

Michal Rybarik michal at rybarik.sk
Tue Jun 19 00:17:07 EEST 2018


I am transcoding several live MPEG-TS streams via ffmpeg. These streams 
are received from DVB-S and then transported via udp multicast to ffmpeg.

I have a problem, that those streams has non-monotonous DTS changes very 
frequently (every few minutes), and I cannot find correct way, how to 
deal with it. I tried several combinations of ffmpeg commandline 
arguments, but did not succeed. (I had issues with a/v 
desynchronisation, stopping of transcoding at DTS change, etc).

Can anyone suggest working solution?

Many thanks

Michal Rybarik

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