[FFmpeg-user] Make Output Files More Digestible / Increase Output Compatibility

Frédéric Busnel-Joncour fred.bj at free.fr
Tue Jun 19 11:00:32 EEST 2018

> Hey everyone,
> I've found that my video files captured with FFmpeg don't play nice with
> other programs. Many video players display
> incorrect duration, others allow no scrubbing, and some won't even open the
> files at all. But perhaps the most annoying
> incompatibility is with Adobe Premiere.
> […]
> I wouldn't even have a problem re-encoding the files afterwards, but would
> prefer finding a solution that allows the
> initial output files to play nice with other programs, thanks for any
> advice.


You should try a no-GOP codec for editing, like Prores or DNxHD/HR.
MP4 is perfect for delivery, but not intended for editing.



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