[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg save livestream issue

ashas asha.s at accord-soft.com
Thu Jun 21 15:37:26 EEST 2018


I am running FFMPEG on ARM based board (booting from SD card). I have cross
compiled ffmpeg source and the binaries are place in SD card. 

I wanted to save the RTSP live stream to a video file and below is the
command used on ARM target

*ffmpeg -i rtsp:// -f matroska -vcodec copy -acodec
copy /mnt/sd2/sample2.mkv*

This command generates the video file and I am able to play it. The issue I
am facing is the time duration of output file. For example ,If I run ffmpeg
for 50 seconds and quit safely (pressed 'q' to stop) the generated *.mkv
file contains only ~20 sec video. 

Another observation is ,terminate ffmpeg and unmount the sd card where
output file is stored  then the complete 50 sec data is available. 

My understanding is I need to flush the incoming packets immediately to
output file and I don't want to umount the sd card . How to do it ?  
Kindly help me to resolve this issue.



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