[FFmpeg-user] ffplay 3.4 errors with Win10

Jeff Elkins jeffelkins at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 06:54:25 EEST 2018

I'm using Android's screenrecord to stream the device screen via adb and
pipe the
output to ffplay 3.4.  It works great using OS X via the command:

adb shell screenrecord --bit-rate=16m --output-format=h264 --size 800x600 -
| ffplay -framerate 60 -framedrop -bufsize 60M -

Windows 10 is a different story. I get a blurred out screen and the
following stream of errors:

[h264 @ 000001f5df14e5e0] cbp too large (51) at 43 7=    0B f=0/0
[h264 @ 000001f5df14e5e0] error while decoding MB 43 7
[h264 @ 000001f5df14e5e0] concealing 1556 DC, 1556 AC, 1556 MV errors in P

[repeated until closed...]

How can I correct this problem?

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