[FFmpeg-user] kmsgrab on Intel 8th generation aka h/w accelerated screen capture

Kai Hendry hendry at webconverger.com
Tue Jun 26 04:41:26 EEST 2018

Thanks for the sudo setcap cap_sys_admin+ep /path/to/ffmpeg tip. It
indeed works.


Unfortunately kmsgrab seems to lag for me:

And sometimes is unreliable:
https://s.natalian.org/2018-06-26/moov-atom-not-found.log (leaving me
with an unplayable file)

I guess screen capture to mp4 is just too risky.

The most reliable method for screen capturing on Archlinux for me is:
1) https://github.com/kaihendry/recordmydesktop2.0/blob/nodrop/x11capture to mkv
2) https://github.com/kaihendry/recordmydesktop2.0/blob/nodrop/htmlvideo
to get that mkv to mp4

Really was hoping to get it to one step and leverage my 8th gen Intel
gizmos. Sigh.

Or is there some other format that is safe to record to that FCPX will
be able to grok even if abruptly terminated?

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