[FFmpeg-user] Running out of RAM when copying 1080p H264 stream

Tom Holmes tom88holmes at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 06:12:04 EEST 2018


I'm trying to copy an H264 1920x1080 video only stream from a USB camera
and save to microSD using an OpenWRT based  MT7688 SoC Microprocessor
(Onion Omega2+ 128MB RAM). This works fine for up to 1280x720 (roughly
2.9Mb/s) but when I increase resolution the os kills ffmpeg due to RAM. I
can successfully copy the mjpeg stream at 1280x720 (around 30Mb/s) but
again any higher resolution gets killed. I would have thought that if the
mjpeg stream works, then the much lower bitrate H.264 stream would work
fine. Any hints on how to get around this? Command line options to try?
Hoping to avoid cross compiling but that's the backup plan.


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