[FFmpeg-user] HD MXF SMPTE ST377 Standard Compliance Problem with multiple IndexTableSegments carring Unique ID twins (maybe a bug)

Christoph Gerstbauer christophgerstbauer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 18:12:34 EET 2018

Hello Carl,

thanks for the fast reply

> Please test current FFmpeg git head, nothing else is supported here.
> [...]

I cant because I am not able to compile. I am just a user. Not a 
I am dependent on the windows exe builds from 
https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ which are linked on the offical 
ffmpeg homepage.
Is there another way to get a working exe from the current FFmpeg git head?

>> After generating these files I am testing them with an MXF Analyzer which
>> analyses the MXF to SMPTE ST377-1 Standard-Compliance (MXF— File Format
>> Specification). So I check if the MXF is fullfilling minimum MXF
>> requirements for the MXF world.
>> And I get every time the same errors multiple times:
> How can I reproduce this? How can I see the error messages?

Unfortunately you cant without the IRT MXF Analyzer. It is a commercial 
product from the Institut für Rundfunktechnik.
But you can send me your generated files and I can check them and send 
you a report file back.

Regarding mxfdump: You can use the free toolset of BMX MXF from the BBC.


Christoph Gerstbauer

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