[FFmpeg-user] HD MXF SMPTE ST377 Standard Compliance Problem with multiple IndexTableSegments carring Unique ID twins (maybe a bug)

Martin Vignali martin.vignali at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 11:58:56 EET 2018


I think this report is interesting.
Creating file for broadcast delivery, is not just about having a file which
play or doesn't play
It's mainly about passing Quality Control.

Even if a file can be play in most of software, if it doesn't pass
broadcaster QC, it will be reject.

In my use i always remux MXF generate by ffmpeg using bmxtranswrap, to have
"clean" mxf.

Mxf is a very complicated format, with very expensive "documentations".
Reason why, few people can improve it inside ffmpeg.

As suggested by Marton Balint, some developers (not me), have more chance
to work on it, with a financial support.
If you can sponsor it, you can try to contact developper who have recently
improve the mxfenc.

@Chris von Görstinger :
If you remux your file with bmx, does it still show warning in the MXF
Analyser ?

If yes, i suggest to create a bug report on trac.
Ideally, using an ffmpeg generator instead of a file as source.


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