[FFmpeg-user] can't reorder streams and concatenate vob's

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Nov 12 18:40:54 EET 2018

sean darcy (2018-11-12):
> So for vob's from a video dvd :
> cat VTS* | ffmpeg -i - ........... out.mp4
> or
> ffmpeg -f concat -i list.of.vobs  ...... out.mp4
> is not a good idea ? Even though it does not generate any errors.

Not a good idea at all. It generates garbage video.

> I should be using a complex filter for any vob's from a video dvd ? Who knew
> ?

No. You need to use a tool aware of the specifics of the DVD Video
format. The VOB files there are not video containers, they are a
container for a kind of virtual filesystem on top of the real
filesystem, indexed by the IFO files. You need a tool that can
understand that.

The dvd2concat script shipped with FFmpeg is an example of such a tool,
but it is very rudimentary.

Please do not Cc me.


  Nicolas George
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