[FFmpeg-user] No opencl header in fresh build install dir

Erwan Douaille douailleerwan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 18:21:48 EET 2018

Hey everyone,

I Just subscribe to this mailing list because I would like to use ffmpeg
with opencl.  I´m working on windows 10 with mingw64. Build everything but
I don´t see any opencl related headers in my install dir. I don´t have any
opencl issue while configuring of compiling.

Steps :
 - downloaded ffmpeg 4.1 source and convert cuda opencl.lib to opencl.a for
 - run ./configure --arch=x86_64 --enable-opencl --prefix=/mydir and
everything looks good.
 - Then mingw32-make.exe, I had some errors related to ar fixed by
modifying library.mak
 - Then make install.

Do you know if it´s normal ? How to ensure my build is "opencl ready" ?

Here is a pastebin with the full result of configure, make and make install
: https://pastebin.com/CkSqsEtM

Thanks for help :)
Best regards,

Douaille Erwan <douaille.erwan at gmail.com>

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