[FFmpeg-user] ProRes422 with 8 audio tracks converted to mp4 -- muffles audio 4

Harvey Pikelberger communque at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 23:35:34 EET 2018

> On Nov 21, 2018, at 12:40 PM, Reto Kromer <lists at reto.ch> wrote:
> Harvey Pikelberger wrote:
>> Is there something about ProRes files in general that makes
>> the audio layout unrecognizable?
> The container is QuickTime (.mov) or Matroska (.mkv), while
> ProRes is the video codec, which has nothing to do with the
> audio streams.

Good point.

The question has to do with the difference between the two files I'm working with.
From my perspective (i.e. editor as opposed to FFmpeg genius) I've got two source files (on DNx, one ProRes)  that are the "Same" audio configuration: 8 mono tracks.
Neither is 7.1 AFAIK
I'm trying to generate h264/mp4 files with 8 audio tracks that mapped the same (i.e. a1 source = a1 transcoded, a2 = a2, etc).
FFmpeg handles the DNx / MXF source just fine, but not the ProRes / QT.

Trying to figure out if I've created the ProRes / QT in a way that makes the audio files unrecognizable to FFmpeg.

Looking at FFmpeg's asplit, I wasn't immediately able to see how that would help in this situation.

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