[FFmpeg-user] Compressing animation - result has washed out colors

Ron Barnes rbarnes at njdevils.net
Thu Nov 22 22:57:05 EET 2018

Hi Kieran,

I think I know what the issue is and I have no idea how to fix it.  When I play the movie on my 24 inch Desktop monitor they both look the same.  When I play it on the 65 inch TV the original looks great but the compressed looks washed out.

Here is what I (Think) figured out.  On my daughters 32 inch TV they both look the same also.  Since the 24 and 32 inch screens seem to show no difference, what that tells me is that maybe when I compressed the movie, it is no longer 4K.  I think.

Does any of this help?


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On Thu, 22 Nov 2018, 16:52 Ron Barnes <rbarnes at njdevils.net wrote:

> Hi yes they do,
> Here are frame grabs from both.  Apparently they look similar and 
> after looking at them myself.  I would say that too.  But on the TV 
> they is a marked difference is quality.
> Maybe I'm over thinking this too much??
> http://njdevils.net/upload/InputFrame.png
> http://njdevils.net/upload/OutputFrame.png

My connection is bad at the moment,but if these are the same ones you sent off-list,then brightness and colour levels looks similar,if not identical.
Can you send a photo of your TV screen showing the difference? I know this probably won't work too well. Otherwise can you describe exactly what the difference is? Is it difference in brightness,contrast, colour hue/saturation, or does it just look lower quality in a general sense?
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