[FFmpeg-user] L-SMASH-WORKS and replacement for deprecated ffmpeg --enable-avresample

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Tue Nov 27 06:18:55 EET 2018

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> On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 00:26:09 +1030, hydra3333 at gmail.com wrote:
> > However, L-SMASH-WORKS depends on an ffmpeg lib built with
> > --enable-avresample and LSW fails to build without it.
> >
> > Unfortunately, ffmpeg's --enable-avresample is deprecated ?
> But it's still available as of today.

Yes it is. I am currently able to cross compile ffmpeg and x264-with-LSW 
https://github.com/VFR-maniac/L-SMASH-Works with ffmpeg --enable-avresample, 
using a variation of the ffmpeg/x264 build script (edited to add in lsw)
at https://github.com/DeadSix27/python_cross_compile_script 
however the author (Deadsix27) prefers not to permanently add in lsw support 
on the basis that avresample in ffmpeg is deprecated.
A github issue was raised with the author of L-SMASH-Works early this year
however nothing public has been visible as yet and it seems the author may
have other ongoing priorities.

> > what did ffmpweg replace --enable-avresample with and in your view
> > would there be some possibility of being able to patch L-SMASH-WORKS
> > to use that instead ?
> This commit:
> https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/commit/c29038f3041a4080342b2e333
> c1967d136749c0f
> says:
>   "Users of this library are asked to migrate to libswresample, which,
>   as well as providing more functionality, is faster and has higher
>   accuracy."

OK, thank you for that info. 
I'm tempted to have a bit of a look and if easy enough, consider trying
to resurrect 40 yo coding skills 😊 in a fork.  Or, not.

> > - input various container formats if built with "lavf support" (from ffmpeg).
> > - output various container formats if built with "L-SMASH support" (from
> >   L-SMASH-WORKS) https://github.com/VFR-maniac/L-SMASH-Works
> Does it support any formats which ffmpeg (the command line tool) does not?
> If not, you could use ffmpeg.exe instead if x264.exe.

Yes, my home video workflow was recently updated to use just ffmpeg 
instead. As you say, I suppose I could stick with that, although it's handy to 
have an enhanced x264 as well (built with libav* lsmash). 
>> eg from it's help:
>> Infile can be raw (in which case resolution is required),
>>   or YUV4MPEG (*.y4m),
>>   or Avisynth if compiled with support (yes).
>>   or libav* formats if compiled with lavf support (yes) or ffms support (no).
>> Outfile type is selected by filename:
>>  .264 -> Raw bytestream
>>  .mkv -> Matroska
>>  .flv -> Flash Video
>>  .mp4 -> MP4 if compiled with GPAC or L-SMASH support (lsmash) 
>> Output bit depth: 8/10

> Cheers,
> Moritz

Thanks, Moritz !
Cheers, le hydra.

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