[FFmpeg-user] Trouble streaming IP camera from virtual OS

Michael Shaffer mikeshaffer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 03:06:32 EET 2018

I'm trying to use FFMpeg to send from an IP camera to youtube, from within
a virtual OS. Youtube says it's not receiving data. I can stream a file to
youtube fine, just can't input from the IP camera and send to youtube. The
"real" OS is Windows 10. I've tried Ubuntu virtual OS and a Windows 10
virtual OS. Both have the same problem of no data reaching youtube. There
are no errors in FFMpeg, it says sending like normal. I am using the same
FFMpeg commands I've used for a while, so it's not those. It's just
something about running on a virtual OS that it can't reach youtube.
(Although streaming a file on the hard drive to youtube works fine). Does
anyone have any ideas? The virtualization software I'm using is Hyper V and
also VMWare. Both have the same problem of not reaching youtube's servers.

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