[FFmpeg-user] Roku Blu-Ray Playback: Blue Flickering at Bottom of Screen

Joshua Blagden jfblagden at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 18:58:21 EEST 2018

Hi folks,

I got into Blu-Rays about six months ago and I've been "digitizing" them
with MakeMKV.

I have some Doctor Who Blu-Rays from 2011 that are in MPEG-4, but are
interlaced with MBAFF interlacing.

I tried deinterlacing with Handbrake (Decomb/Bob), but that just made it
worse by adding frequent pixelation to the problem. The copies of these
Blu-Rays play fine in VLC, but when I try to watch them on my TV via my
Roku, I frequently see blue fuzz flickering on the bottom third or so of
the screen.

How can I fix this? Is there a special kind of deinterlacing I don't
know about?


                Josh Blagden

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