[FFmpeg-user] Installing ffmpeg from source, missing libs

paweg paweg at op.pl
Wed Oct 17 11:43:56 EEST 2018

Installed succesfully version 4.0.2. I had wrong configure option
--pkg-config="--static" instead of --pkg-config-flags="--static"
which I took from some advice on stackoverflow for older ffmpeg version in which probably configure didn't have option --pkg-config-flags. Now with 4.0.2 --pkg-config-flags="--static" works. I also had to set variable
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$HOME/ffmpeg_build/lib/pkgconfig/"
Now all seems to work like an old charm.
I was looking for a temporary fix. Have to run it on this Fedora for now, where Ffmpeg was 0.6.1.
I want to produce, on this machine, silent mp4 from gif pictures. Now flv are being produced. My approach was to get newer ffmpeg version, so I could use lavfi device which has anullsrc (https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Null#anullsrc) parameter. I assumed ver 1.0.10 would be sufficient according to https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/Changelog
, so I've tried to install this at first.
Now I'll check documents or examples which didn't work so far, so I have to investigate it a little more. But that's a probably different matter.
Thanks for Your interest,
> Very true. OTOH, ffmpeg successfully supports quite a host of old
> library versions (often incl. fallbacks for pre-pkgconfig and such). I
> can successfully build ffmpeg against freetype-2.3.7.

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