[FFmpeg-user] Approach to Fully Lossless Concat

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Wed Oct 17 14:32:29 EEST 2018

Hi there.  

I’ve tried two approaches to bring some short clips I’ve created in QuickTime Player 7, all together in a concat.  Both approaches demonstrated a shift in audio vs video timelines.  They were:

- Direct concat
- Intermediate xxx.ts files brought together via concat after

The syntax isn’t important as I have asked before in this list and I got no answers.  I will repeat, that I’ve been over this and absolutely no insight.  So I have chosen not to include any syntax.  

So I’m asking if there is an accepted optimal approach to performing such a task.  The latter was the closest I got, but it was still unacceptable.  

Is this a failure on the master clips?  If I manually copy/append into a new file in QuickTime Player 7, there are some frozen frames around the hard transitions, so that’s got me thinking the original clips aren’t the best for this type of stuff and that I need to move to Final Cut Pro.  

Thanks for any insight.  Truly appreciated.  I’d love to get FFMPEG working on something like this.  


Rich in Toronto @ VP

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