[FFmpeg-user] Parameters for "framerate" and "keyframe interval"?

He Lei helei0908 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 26 13:10:31 EEST 2018

"ffmpeg -r 25 -i in.file ... out.file"

usage: ffmpeg [options] [[infile options] -i infile]... {[outfile options] outfile}…
In here, [infile options] is "Video options”.

look at help of ffmpeg:(cmd is 'ffmpeg -h | more’).

Video options:
-vframes number     set the number of video frames to output
-r rate             set frame rate (Hz value, fraction or abbreviation)
-s size             set frame size (WxH or abbreviation)

helei0908 at hotmail.com<mailto:helei0908 at hotmail.com>

在 2018年10月26日,下午5:41,Ben <bxstover-at-yahoo.co.uk at ffmpeg.org<mailto:bxstover-at-yahoo.co.uk at ffmpeg.org>> 写道:

For video codec H.264 there are two parameters:

Framerate (e.g. 25 or 30 or 29,97)


keyframe interval (I guess measured in seconds after the last keyframe .e.g 50 or 200):

What are the corresponding cmdline parameters for ffmpeg?

How can I tell ffmpeg to use the same values as the input?

Thank you
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