[FFmpeg-user] Decoding adpcm_psx

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 02:27:26 EEST 2018

2018-10-28 0:47 GMT+02:00, Markus Laaja <markus.laaja at dnainternet.net>:
> Oh my. Almost bitwise identical file with the one I converted using PSound.

> Could you do the conversion with FFmpeg or VGMstream and if so, how did
> you do it?

I don't even know what VGMstream is, I forced the codec and block_align
in a random existing demuxer to be able to test.
As you found out, raw adpcm is not supported.

> VGMstream apparently only supports file formats with known headers and
> cannot be forced to decode "broken" files.

> The file comes from Final Fantasy 7 and though has no header,

Is there a directory structure with the exact file you attached?

> the audio stream itself is supposed to be compatible with
> .vag/.vab format.

> The file ext is by me, to distinguish it somehow from
> known formats.

What is the original file extension?

Please avoid top-posting here, Carl Eugen

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