[FFmpeg-user] HELP: After a day or so, my FFMPEG stops streaming... but it's not crashing.

Rad J jradzark at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 00:02:12 EEST 2018

Thank you Mortiz, I will get that info and get back to you as soon as I can.

On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 3:30 AM Moritz Barsnick <barsnick at gmx.net> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 03, 2018 at 20:48:57 -0500, Rad J wrote:
> > the issue, however After a day or so, my FFMPEG stops streaming the video
> > to my Youtube Live channel.
> > Here is my command line:
> [...]
> Would you please also show us the console output? Perhaps you can't
> copy/paste a day's worth of it, but at least the last 50 lines or so?
> ffmpeg shows a lot of valuable information in its console output, incl.
> codecs and protocol details, but also such a thing as a termination
> reason!
> Better even if you use ffmpeg "-report" option for this, which dumps a
> report file. Edit out your credentials and YouTube URL hash from that
> file, and provide it here (if not all too large) or share it somewhere
> please.
> Thanks,
> Moritz
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