[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg compile error on ubuntu

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 17:50:59 EEST 2018

2018-09-07 4:09 GMT+02:00, Remo Rayamajhi <kshatriya.remo at gmail.com>:
> In the newest veraion of FFMPEG compilation it gives error on yasm ,

nasm (which is now recommendend) is - just as yasm - a small binary
that you can put in /usr/local/bin (or anywhere else in your $PATH), it
is needed since many years for FFmpeg compilation (assuming you
prefer a fast FFmpeg over a slow FFmpeg). Since new hardware is
developed, nasm/yasm has to be updated every few years. Because
it is a small, stand-alone binary it should be trivial to do the update.

> liboam

This is a very new library, are you sure that you need it?

> , as well as on libfdk_ aac codecs ...  even i install correctly the with
> no erroe on those codecs and libraries

The library changed its abi, if you need it, you either have to
install a little older version of libfdk or apply the patch that is
needed to use the latest version of libfdk.

> so i tried with the older version .

I hope you understand that using older FFmpeg with the same
libfdk cannot help you.

> is there any way so i successfully install ffmpeg with no errors.

I understand that the libfdk situation is not ideal but it will be
fixed. Apart from libfdk, I don't know of any real issues.

Please find out what top-posting means and don't do it here.

Carl Eugen

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