[FFmpeg-user] Dealing with incomplete HEVC/h265 video

Aviv Hurvitz aviv.hurvitz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 19:54:27 EEST 2018

I am using a somewhat experimental evaluation board to record HEVC video. I
converted the stream to mp4 using this command:
ffmpeg -i input.bin -c:v copy out.mp4

I can play out.mp4, however I see the video skips at some point and plays
at faster-than-life rate at another point.

I think there are dropped frames, and the conversion naively makes
everything fixed rate at 25 FPS.

Is there a way to dump the original time stamps and/or frame indices in the
HEVC stream, to study its integrity?

Is there a way to get a correct playback, say by preserving timestamps or
filling in missing frames?

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