[FFmpeg-user] Zoom out/scale down dynamically

astian astian at e-nautia.com
Thu Sep 13 04:28:00 EEST 2018

Carl Eugen Hoyos:> 2018-09-10 6:04 GMT+02:00, astian <astian at e-nautia.com>:
>> I want to dynamically (per frame) zoom out/scale down
>> a video below 100% size.
> Isn't it sufficient to pad first, and use zoompan in a later
> filter?

Do you mean work in reverse? Scale down, pad, zoompan in reverse, then reverse
the frames??

If that's what you mean, then there are 2 problems:
  1. It would have bad quality because it starts from a smaller video, the
     smallest in fact.
  2. It's a Rube Goldberg machine.


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