[FFmpeg-user] Piping FFMPEG out makes loosing file duration

Jonathan Sillan sillan at challenge2media.com
Thu Sep 13 12:35:49 EEST 2018

In order to dynamically encode file and upload them to a server, I output ffmpeg to pipe:1 and use curl to post the result to a file.

The problem is when I use MediaInfo to check the file, it appears as 'Open / Incomplete' and the duration is no longer available. Is there a solution to make the piping properly closing the file ?

I have also pipe locally the output to check if it is related to the upload, but the problem is still there.

Here is my command :

ffmpeg -i myFile.mxf -vcodec copy -filter_complex "[0:1:a]channelsplit[left1][right1];[left1]asplit=1[a1];[right1]asplit=1[a2]" -map 0:v:0 -map "[a1]" -map "[a2]"  -c:a:0 pcm_s24le -b:a:0 1152k -ar:0 48k -c:a:1 pcm_s24le -b:a:1 1152k -ar:1 48000 -f mxf pipe:1 > myFile_ff_pipe_local.mxf
Thanks in advance \m/


Jonathan SILLAN

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