[FFmpeg-user] Create a MXF media with a video and audio clip at specific timing

Martin Delille martin at lylo.tv
Fri Sep 14 19:33:54 EEST 2018

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I have several media:

   - one video file
   - several audio files

I would like to create a new MXF media with the video file and mixing the
audio files at specific timestamp and tracks:

   - Starting time of the video file on the track 0: 00:00:00:00
   - Starting time of the audio clip 1 on the track 1: 00:00:30:00
   - Starting time of the audio clip 2 on the track 2: 00:00:35:00
   - Starting time of the audio clip 3 on the track 2: 00:00:45:00
   - ...

I made a first try with just with one video and one audio. I used the
following command:

ffmpeg -y -i picsou.mp4 \
  -itsoffset 2 \
  -i picsou.wav \
  -codec h264 \
  -acodec pcm_s24le \
  -shortest \

Unfortunately, the command fails:

[mxf @ 0x7fb3e8801200] AVC Intra 50/100 supported only
[mxf @ 0x7fb3e8801200] could not get h264 profile
av_interleaved_write_frame(): Operation not permitted
[mxf @ 0x7fb3e8801200] No packets in first stream
av_interleaved_write_frame(): Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome

Is there a way to fix this without patching *ffmpeg*?

I crossed post the question here:

Thanks in advance!

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