[FFmpeg-user] Multiply audio samples

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat Sep 15 09:37:48 EEST 2018

>>> yes, two inputs and one output. I think it would be best if it works
>>> independant of bit depth. First normalize the input signals to -1...+1
>>> range, then multiply them so that the result is also in the -1...+1
>>> range, then normalize back to 16bit or 24bit range.
>> It will internally work with floating-point numbers only (32bits or
>> 64bits).
>> Normalization is done with other filters.
>> Meanwhile you can use sox multiply effect.
>> Note that sox internally operates with 32bit integers.
> You can find filter in master branch of FFmpeg repository.

Which other filter can I use to convert the input to -1..+1 interval, 
and convert the output back to 16bit or 24bit interval? I saw that the 
multiply filter in sox has these normalizations already included.


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